Garmin continues to roll out new products just in time for the holidays, introducing its new touchscreen fitness tracker that is equipped with a built-in heart heart sensor and provides the user with smart notifications.

The vívosmart HR tracks common fitness data such as steps taken, calories burned, distance, floors climbed and activity intensity. This activity tracker also features Elevate wrist heart rate technology to provide health statistics around the clock.

"This is the first activity tracker from Garmin with Elevate wrist heart rate technology that monitors your heart rate 24/7, offering more feedback on your daily activity, calories burned, workouts and sleep," Garmin's VP of sales Dan Bartel said Tuesday, Oct. 27, in a blog post.

The touchscreen display on the wearable is always on and, when paired with a smartphone, can receive smart notifications (via vibrations) such as texts, incoming calls, calendar and social media alerts and the ability to control the user's music.

"Thanks to the vívosmart HR's always-on, high-resolution display, you can review your progress against your fitness, and stay connected with a full suite of smart notifications while you're on the go," Bartel added.

Garmin's latest fitness tracker is lightweight, has a sleek design and is available in three colors (black, dark blue and purple), is water resistant up to 50 meters, and has a battery life of five days on a single charge.

The vívosmart HR will be released on Nov. 1 for $150, with preorders starting today.

Garmin also unveiled its first smart scale that has advanced weight-tracking capabilities such as BMI and muscle mass percentages that will also be released in November for $149.99. The company also introduced three new Forerunner smartwatches for runners with advanced tracking and a larger display.

Source: Garmin

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