The Ebola outbreak in West Africa ravages on and as the people try to battle the lethal disease, which has up to 90 percent fatality rate, issues of bodies being dumped on the streets in defiance of government orders are arising.

The bodies of Ebola victims in Monrovia, Liberia are being dumped on the nation's streets even as the government tries hard to impose stringent measures to control the outbreak, which has claimed the lives of over 900 people.

Liberia's information minister Lewis Brown reveals that many individuals are distressed by the regulations that are imposed on the decontamination of the homes of victims. Considering only a small percentage of those that are infected survive Ebola, several people think of Ebola isolation as a death trap.

"They are therefore removing the bodies from their homes and are putting them out in the street. They're exposing themselves to the risk of being contaminated," Brown told Reuters. "We're asking people to please leave the bodies in their homes and we'll pick them up."

Brown revealed that cremation of the bodies was begun by authorities on Sunday, August 3.

This was done after local communities opposed burials in their areas.

In view of the grave situation, some international airlines have suspended flights to West African countries. British Airways has halted flights from and to Sierra Leone and Liberia till end of August owing to public health concerns. Emirates too has deferred its services to Conakry because of "deteriorating public health situation."

Several international airlines that continue to fly to West Africa are taking precautions to step-up screening of passengers.

To illustrate, Air France passengers in several cities are required to complete health questionnaires, as well as be checked for symptoms prior to the issuance of boarding cards. Delta Airlines too is checking its travelers at the airport in Monrovia, Liberia.

Germany, U.S. and France are advising against passengers travelling to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

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