EVGA, as a company, is better known for creating internal components for computers, however, now, the company is expanding and has released its first high-end gaming laptop.

The computer is called the SC-17, and despite being EVGA's first, it seems like a pretty impressive computer. The display size, as the name suggests, is 17 inches, and the computer comes in at 1.05 inches thick, weighing 8.5 pounds.

While the specs of the computer are still reportedly being finalized, what has been released so far is also very impressive. It will reportedly feature a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M graphics chip, along with enough juice to power a 4K 60 HZ display.

The laptop also features speakers that were reportedly designed by the same group of people that design speakers for the likes of Bose and Apple. Of course, all these components could cause the computer to get hot and create a lot of fan noise, however, the liquid cooling system reportedly keeps the system almost silent.

Pricing for the computer has yet to be announced, and it will ship at some point in the first quarter of 2016.

EVGA has also announced a computer chassis design with the gamer in mind, and while the chassis is still in development, it looks like a pretty bulky piece of equipment. It also takes on a different design approach and has ports and buttons that are normally found on the front panel on the side panel instead, a move that was put in place to make all the switches accessible to users who want their rig to show off cable routing and lighting.

Via: Digital Trends

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