Less Time Degreasing And More Time Eating Your Steak: The Grillbot Will Clean Your Grill For You


The Grillbot is the first automated robot that cleans your grill with just a push of a button. The new Grillbot add-ons at the CES 2016 allow more options for brush types and will give you more time to enjoy your food and less time cleaning your grill.

CES is always full of amazing inventions that aim to make our lives better and easier. All the rage this year are smart 4K TVs, fitness-related wearables, and drones. But every so often you will come across a company that wants to help the average person to accomplish more everyday tasks - like getting the grill clean so you can spend less time degreasing it and more time enjoying your delicious burgers, steaks, and barbecues.

The Grillbot was spotted giving demonstrations at the CES 2016 to heed every lazy griller's wish.

Launched back in 2014, it was originally born out of an idea by founder, Ethan Woods, when he was trying to clean his grill and spent more time looking for a brush than actually cleaning it. "He wondered if a robot could be created to do the job." And from that, the Grillbot was created.

The robot has metal bristles that can be easily replaced and three electric motors powered by a rechargeable battery. All you have to do is set it on your grill once it's cooled down to 200 degrees and an LCD alarm will let you know when it's done with its work.

According to some observers at CES who saw the Grillbot in action, it's still not quite as effective as "good old elbow grease," but if it can keep us away from the chore of cleaning and buy us more time munching on our steaks – whether the real meat or the animal-friendly all-plant variety – and drinking some brewskies at our next barbecue, we're all for it.

In addition to the standard metal bristles that comes with the Grillbot, new nylon brush add-ons were also introduced by the company at this year's CES, which won't scratch surfaces like metal ones do.

The Grillbot also came with an optional carrying case at CES.

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