Google’s Weather Card Interface Is Getting A Cute, Cartoonish Makeover


Google Now users are quite aware of the weather card. But it seems Google isn't quite satisfied with the current display and decided to give the interface a whole new look. Why? Because it's 2016!

Ex-Googler Peter Isemann posted screen grabs of what could be the new weather card's look on Google+. Several users also noticed the design overhaul but it seems the makeover is a trial run limited to a small group of users for now. 

The new background is dependent on the day's current time and weather conditions, which is actually quite cool compared to the old, boring and plain white background. Perhaps the rise of emojis paved the way for a more cartoonish graphics used in the Today's Forecast tab.

The new weather card also comes with some new, snazzy functionality such as sunrise and sunset time, air quality and health-related messages. Three tabs display the weather information on the current day, the next day and even the next 10 days, which could be handy for those extended trips.

The Today view is actually quite cute, that is, if you like seeing frogs reading a book at the beach, sitting on top of a cliff or hiking. Our only question now is why a frog?

Google has yet to release an official statement about the design overhaul, although, the new weather card's limited release suggests the overhaul is undergoing a small trial test. Google Now users will have to wait if the weather forecasts in the next few days will be colorful with a chance of, well, frogs.

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