Amazon Introduces Dash Replenishment Service, Enabling Smart And Automatic Ordering Of Supplies


Running out of household supplies and not having them in storage when they're needed most can be painfully annoying.

Well, taking its Dash, instant-ordering button system a step further, Amazon is introducing its Dash Replenishment Service, which builds the same technology into the products themselves.

So, say your Brita Water Pitcher is running low, the Dash Replenishment Service-embedded technology will automatically sense that and smartly order new filters. The same goes for General Electric and Whirlpool washing machines and dryers, which will be able to anticipate and reorder laundry supplies when they are running low through the Dash Replenishment Service.

Purell's advanced hand sanitizer dispenser, Brothers and Samsung's respective printers and Gmate's SMART Blood Glucose Meter all reordering their supplies when sensing that they're running low, mark other companies and products that have partnered with Amazon with its Dash Replenishment Service.

In particular, the DRS will be especially useful for printers anticipating that their ink supplies are running low and ordering new cartridges that arrive just in time, before their users go through the painful feeling of needing to print something urgently ... only to have no ink left in reserve to get the task done. How annoying is that?

Amazon plans to partner with more companies for the DRS, but it hasn't announced how many more manufacturers it will bring into the fold before the year is over.

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