HP has unveiled the beefed-up version of its all-in-one personal computer, the Sprout Pro, which can scan real objects and create models for 3D printing.

Way back October 2014, the company already introduced the Sprout which touted an innovative design. The device has ditched the mouse and keyboard to incorporate its touch-sensitive mat plus its built-in projector.

The company originally pitched Sprout as a device aimed at hobbyists and creates. But perhaps, HP realized that the machine might be more ideal for use in a classroom or business setting.

"Sprout Pro adds tools for creative professionals, students and instructors to the ground breaking Sprout platform," said Louis Kim, HP's global head and general manager of Immersive Computing. "Instant 2D/3D scanning, augmented reality and an immersive dual screen is now boosted by pro-class applications and security - accelerating workflows and safeguarding data."

Kim added that the machine is, indeed, an additional milestone in escalating the company's dream of Blended Reality.

As an all-in-one PC, it comes equipped with 2D plus 3D scanners, 23-inch display, Intel RealSense 3D camera setup, projector and more. What's notable with this updated version of the machine is it rocks Intel's latest-gen chip (a 6th-generation Core i7 with enhanced graphics). Another big deal is it comes packed with a special Skype For Business app which has the ability to capture 2D images, by means of its camera system, during a video conference. Sprout Pro boasts 18 hours of battery life and high-end wireless networking.

Gus Schmedlen, HP's vice president of Education, claims that Sprout Pro can transform a classroom desk into a digital and physical space, redefining the way teachers and students create, share, learn and collaborate.

Schmedlen added that with Sprout Pro, students will get a chance to have a "hands-on learning experience so they can take ideas from thought to expression like never before."

The experience Sprout Pro has to offer to its users, however, will cost a whopping $2,199 price tag. The device is slated to arrive this coming February.

The company is offering the Education Edition versions of the Pro 310 x360 convertible and ProBook 11 G2, each of which claims to offer boosted battery life. The ProBook will cost $359 while the Pro 310 x360 will be priced at $449 when they arrive in February and March, respectively.

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