Moms, Dads Hold Your Jaws: You Need To Add Smartbe Intelligent Stroller To Your Wish List


Parents who are tired of pushing their children in strollers can now breathe in relief as Smartbe will let the parents go hands-free.

Smartbe is a smart baby stroller that is powered by an electric motor. The stroller is the brainchild of New York City based startup Smartbe Intelligent Stroller. It has made its way to crowdfunding website Indiegogo where the startup is expecting to raise $80,000 to put the latest concept into production.

"Smartbe is the first intelligent baby stroller of the new generation. Smartbe is a revolutionary concept as regards design and functionality that solves real parents and baby needs. Smartbe applies state of the art technology through innovative, minimalist and safe design," says Smartbe. "Smartbe fulfills all U.S. & European Safety Regulations also going beyond, providing safety features not possible without the addition of electricity and leading edge mobile technology."

The electric motor in the stroller helps it in forward and backward movements. The stroller also features wireless speakers, a bottle warmer, three retractable canopies, a rocker and a temperature-controlled bassinet. For full comfort of the child, the seat position of Smartbe can be adjusted.

For parents who are extremely concerned with the safety of their child, the stroller will include an anti-theft alarm as well as internal and external cameras. Only authorized people like parents or nannies will be able to unlock Smartbe's wheels, and the stroller's app even immediately notifies parents when it has started moving.

Parents can pair their iOS or Android-powered smartphone with the stroller and control it. They can also put the stroller in one of the three available modes that best suits their requirement.

The self-propelled mode uses the stroller's measurement sensor to maintain a constant distance with the paired device being carried by a parent. This feature is most appropriate when parents are shopping or going uphill. The assist-propelled mode keeps the stroller within safe reach of parents. Lastly, the manual mode does not use the electric motor and turns the Smartbe to an ordinary stroller.

The company claims the Smartbe's battery life is expected to last for about 6 hours. On top of that, the stroller also has the ability to charge a smartphone.

With so many features in tow, the Smartbe will not be a cheap stroller as customers will have to splash $3,199 (plus shipping) to own one.

Smartbe will be available in a number of patterns such as Gray Tweed, Black Zebra, Camo, Monochrome and Zebra, and will be shipped starting April 2017.

Check out the video of Smartbe in action.

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