The adult coloring book craze has truly caught on, so much so that it is now common to find groups holding weekly meet-ups to relieve stress with a few hours of meditative and nostalgic coloring. Even television shows are coming out with their own coloring books with pages adults can fill in to their hearts' content.

We've seen coloring books that let adults fill in traditional mandala patterns, intricate tribal scenes and floral designs. Some coloring books even feature Game of Thrones” and Superhero themes. Now a new sub-trend in the adult coloring world will surely bring in new coloring converts, allowing them to channel their angry energies into more creative ventures: the swear word adult coloring book.

Several publishers have already come out with different versions of swear word coloring books. Unfortunately, we can't show previews of the pages of our favorites without having to blur out all the images, but have a look at this close up of one of the coloring pages with all its intricate details.

Instead of cursing at your co-worker for forgetting yet another deadline, color the swear word you wanted to scream and feel your anger subside and melt into a page of squirrels, flowers, and doodles. You'll almost forget that you're actually coloring in cuss words so better be careful to only bring out these coloring books when the kids are not around.

Many of these coloring books may be found on Amazon. Check out the customer reviews though because not all swear words are alike. Some U.S. customers, for example, were left scratching their heads at some of the profanities printed in the pages of U.K. published books. Like, bloody hell, what's up with that?

Other coloring books don't feature border-to-border patterns like most adult coloring books. Some also veer into controversial and offensive territory – even for swear words!

If you're ready to dive into the world of adult coloring with some fancy swear words, here's our pick to get you started: Sweary Coloring Book: Swear Words Coloring Book with Swearing.  

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