'Labyrinth' Reboot To Be Penned By 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Writer Nicole Perlman


The David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly-led 1986 fantastical film, "Labyrinth" is getting a reboot after 30 years and TriStar will be overseeing the new production. The original film, directed by master puppeteer Jim Henson and written by Terry Jones, will now have Nicole Perlman, who co-wrote "Guardians of the Galaxy," to write the script for the reboot.

There is no news yet on whether TriStar Pictures and The Jim Henson Company would go in the direction of a sequel or it will just be a retelling of the original. TriStar's parent company, Sony, is keeping mum about the production.

"Labyrinth" is an incredibly imaginative film and, while it did not perform too well in the box office when it was released in 1986 - seeing only a little over half of its $25 million budget in gross returns, the years thereafter it has gained many fans and even inspired a cult following.

The story tells about 15-year-old Sarah, played by Connelly, who wishes for her baby brother, Toby, to be taken by the Goblin king - a character in the play she is rehearsing, not knowing that Jareth the Goblin King was listening and would grant her wish. She is then transported to his kingdom where she must solve his Labyrinth and reach Toby before he transforms into a goblin.

Of course, Jareth has all sorts of traps and creatures at his disposal to try and distract Sarah from her goal, but he is defeated at the last second by Sarah herself.

Take a look at the trailer below if the story is still not that familiar, but take note that this is a 1986 production so don't dismiss it because it lacks stunning visual effects.

The Influence Of "Labyrinth"

As mentioned above, the success of "Labyrinth" was not seen until after it was released on video, but when Sony finally saw its accomplishment, it approached The Jim Henson Company to recreate a similar film. Renowned writer Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean were tapped for the new film and shaped the world of "Mirrormask."

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