ThermalTech has announced what it says is the world's first solar-powered smart fabric, enabling users to stay warm without having to put on too many layers when they go out.

The clothing itself is made from a stainless steel yarn, and it basically absorbs energy from the sun (as well as energy from artificial light sources, the company notes) and generates as much as 18 degrees Fahrenheit of heat in a matter of only two minutes.

The fabric is designed to be lightweight, thin and water-repellent, with the mesh aimed at being more breathable than other fabrics that can store heat. In fact, ThermalTech says that up to three pounds of weight can be shed from the user's winter clothing load. Last but not least, the fabric is safe to simply throw in the washing machine.

The first offering by the company is a jacket, although it says that it is also designing pants and shirts using the same fabric.

There are a total of three different styles on offer for both men and women. First up is "Street," which is designed to be more fashionable, comes in dark blue and green, and is good for around town in temperatures ranging from 50 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Second is "Explorer," which comes in light blue and red, works best in temps ranging from 55 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and is aimed at being casual wear for camping, hiking and fishing. Last but not least is "Extreme," which has some extra material for better coverage and works best in temps from 55 to 30 Fahrenheit, comes in black or gray, and is best used in the great outdoors.

So far, the Indiegogo campaign has raised $19,688 of its $25,000 funding goal, with 29 days left, and there are a number of items on offer for pledgers. To get the actual jacket, pledgers will need to offer $139 or more, with $139 getting the user the Street jacket. 

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