The Wait Is Over: 'Downwell' Now Available On Android


Highly-acclaimed mobile game Downwell was released on iOS and Steam last year, and developer Moppin has since been working to get the game on Android devices as well.

While the game does not look like much from afar with its pixelated graphics and old-school style, Downwell has actually received plenty of awards, which is why there such an anticipation for a version for Google's mobile operating system.

For those that have been waiting for it, Downwell is now available for Android devices through the Google Play Store, with the announcement being made through Moppin's official Twitter account.

For those that have not yet seen or heard of the game, Downwell has players taking control of a young boy that is falling down a well to search for treasures. The well, however, is filled with monsters, and players only have the boy's Gunboots, literally boots with guns, for protection. Players can use the boy's Gunboots to fire shots downward to kill enemies and clear obstructions, with players slowing down their descent into the well with each shot. Whenever the player lands on a surface, the ammo of the Gunboots are reloaded.

As players venture even deeper into the well, they get the chance to collect even more of the red gems that are scattered about, and they can land on shops where they could buy items to help out in the search for treasure. In the shops, players can purchase different weapons, acquire unique items and obtain upgrades, all of which will provide different effects on how games play.

Players can also level up their characters in between levels and discover hidden caves that are filled with even more treasure.

One of the main selling points of Downwell is that the well is randomly generated for each game, providing gamers with tons of replay value as no two trips are the same. In addition, the game is said to be designed particularly for mobile devices, which is why Downwell has an elegant and intuitive three-button control system that leads to adrenaline-charged gameplay.

Starting out with the game is rough though, as it has a sort of steep learning curve that could be frustrating for some players as deaths will be numerous in the beginning. As games accumulate, players will be able to make improvements in their characters, eventually finding that they are reaching deeper and deeper into the well each time.

Downwell can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.

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