New Multiplayer Game Mode For 'GTA Online' Kicks You Out Of A Flying Plane


Grand Theft Auto V's online multiplayer component, GTA Online, regularly receives updates in the form of new vehicles, weapons and game modes. However, the game's latest mode, released today, is unlike anything players have played before.

At the start of every match of Drop Zone, players will strap on a parachute and skydive from high above the clouds. The objective is simple: reach the ground and secure the Drop Zone for your team.

Making that simple objective more complicated is the fact that Drop Zone is a 16-player game mode with four teams of four all battling for control. The team that controls the zone for two non-continuous minutes will win the match, and each of the mode's five multiplayer maps will require different strategies to emerge victorious.

If jumping out of a plane isn't your idea of fun, developer Rockstar has also added two new cars, the Bravado Banshee and Karin Sultan. The two cars can be upgraded into high-performance wide-body racing cars at Benny's Garage. When fully upgraded, each can compete with some of the fastest cars GTA Online has to offer.

This is just the latest update to the game, which, in the past, has continually added new toys and modes with which players can play around. One of the most interesting updates to have been released so far came during Halloween, when Rockstar introduced a new slasher-movie inspired game type.

Rockstar says this weekend will feature a double GTA cash and RP playlist to celebrate the new update, and the developer is teasing that a Valentine's Day update will be adding some new items come February. You can read more details about the update and updates to come over at the official GTA Online news blog.

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