Google OnHub routers have been well received, but there are a few things that the device has been missing - like the ability to offer a guest mode to help friends easily connect to Wi-Fi.

The company has recently announced that it will make good on that omission, and has begun pushing out an update that will enable guest Wi-Fi, enabling guests to use your Wi-Fi without you having to hand over access to everything on the home network.

Google is even going beyond simply offering guests networks, and will also allow users to tell the router which connected devices they do want guest devices to be able to see and gain control over. For example, users can give guests access to the Chromecast without having to offer them access to the connected security system, too.

The update was made available Tuesday, but it may not be available to all OnHub users straight away.

While it's not a huge update, the feature is an important one, and chould help persuade users to pull the trigger on the router in case they were still on the fence or didn't know if they needed the features.

The OnHub has largely been hailed as Google's attempt to create a control center for the smart home, and it is expected that we will start to see more devices able to connect to the OnHub and be controlled through connecting the smartphone to the router. Not only that, but Google recently announced its own standard for the smart home, Brillo, which is essentially its version of Apple's HomeKit and promises to have more compatible devices in the near future. 

Google is also working with third-party companies to offer OnHub routers, which retail for around $200, and currently offers its own, as well as one made by Asus. We should soon see more OnHub routers, of various price ranges.

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