If you plan on seeing Deadpool next week, don't check out any of the Deadpool fan-made LEGO sets, at least according to actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays the brutally-violent and funny antihero in the film.

Reynolds recently called out several of those fan-created LEGO creations for spoiling the movie for other fans.

Of course, this is the guy behind the mask in Deadpool, so his criticism was actually done all in fun: unless of course, there really is a scene in the movie where Deadpool rides a flying unicorn to take out an astronaut on a hot balloon.

The other fan-created LEGO set Reynolds called out was just as amusing: It shows Deadpool grilling some hotdogs on a farm, while a moose and owl watch on.

Both fan-made sets appeared on photo-sharing site Imgur, which, apparently, Reynolds surfed through in order to find them. However, for all fans know, this is yet another clever marketing ploy by the Deadpool PR team that's already given fans some of the best promotional material ever created for a movie, including a billboard using the emoji for poop.

The only question left unanswered is whether the Deadpool movie will live up to the hype it created. Considering the film's production didn't really take off until a trailer leaked online (and fans immediately embraced it), will the movie do the character and its marketing justice?

Viewers will know for sure once Deadpool opens in theaters on Feb. 12. Meanwhile, fans can take to Twitter on Friday and ask Reynolds questions about the movie, although most questions asked so far are pretty silly (but he is Deadpool, so that makes sense, right?). Definitely check that out if you want to know trivia about the actor, including his favorite '80s song and whether his Deadpool suit itched in certain places.

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