Deadpool lands loudly in movie theaters in just a few weeks, so that means that Fox plans on pulling out the rest of its brilliant marketing stops by releasing footage from the film, as well as new trailers.

The latest batch of promotional videos includes the first clip from a scene in the film: in this clip, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), aka Wade Wilson, and his girlfriend, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) have a romantic moment.

Of course, that romantic moment results in the popping of a pretty big question, but with this being Deadpool, things are a little more wacky than what one might expect.

Fox also released a new TV spot for the movie that gives viewers a good first look at Blind Al, Deadpool's longtime comic book companion and sidekick. The trailer also includes a line from Deadpool's tech guy, Weasel.

The marketing and promotional team behind Deadpool has shown off the movie's sense of humor, with promotions featuring many tongue-in-cheek posters and videos that fit the irreverent nature of the character. From advertising the over-the-top violent film as a Valentine's Day movie for couples to a billboard with a juvenile sense of humor, Fox plans on making Deadpool the must-see movie of the winter.

Most interesting, though, is that Fox had the movie in development for a while, but Deadpool did not become a priority for that studio until footage of it leaked at San Diego Comic-Con and fans demanded to see more. That resulted in Fox fast-tracking the project, setting a release date for this year.

However, the movie about a foul-mouthed antihero with a penchant for violence is no stranger to controversy: China plans on banning the film from its theaters, citing that it has too much graphic language, nudity and violence for its audiences. The Chinese censors offered to work with Fox on editing down the movie for that country, but Fox decided that wasn't an option because such edits would sacrifice the movie's plot.

Some younger Deadpool fans also started a petition to get the R-Rated film edited down for those too young to see it in theaters. So far, nothing has come of that yet, either. Considering that Deadpool himself, actor Reynolds, once bragged about the film's R-rating, those kids are probably just out out of luck.

Deadpool arrives in theaters on Feb. 12. 

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