MSI has rolled out the GT72S G Tobii gaming laptop, which comes fitted with proprietary eye tracking technology.

The company touts this is the first gaming notebook to feature this functionality.

Things You Can Do With The Eye Tracking Technology

Eye tracking technology is a nifty, new functionality which, as its name implies, has the capacity to track your eye movements by means of the laptop's camera.

In general, eye tracking has been used on a few devices to carry out particular actions. For example, you may pause a video playback by only looking away from a particular device.

In the case of the GT72S G Tobii, gamers can:

• Zoom in on something simply by looking at it
• Pause the game by looking away from the notebook's screen
• Select objects within the game by looking at them
• Switch targets by looking at the new object that shows up

What's noteworthy with this device is its ability to track users' eye movements even when they are in a dark room as the computer houses three dual lens illuminators which are said to be "near IR."

According to TechRadar's hands-on review of the MSI GT72S G Tobii, the device "intuitively knew to dim the screen" when the user steps away. TechRadar also says that the moment the user turns his attention back to his screen, it swiftly brings the display back to full brightness.

Compatible With Windows 10 System And Windows Hello

To sweeten the pot, MSI has even extended the technology to Windows 10 and Windows Hello. This eye tracking tech can be used to log in, zoom, highlight, select and delete particular items, open folders and more, without the need to use a mouse. On top of that, you need not memorize a password when you log into the computer, since you can do so by using what the company calls a “personalized glance.”

“The GT72S G Tobii adds another dimension to gaming and provides a level of interaction and immersion never experienced before,” said Andy Tung, MSI Pan America president. “Our eyes will no longer be passive players, they will now direct, command and transport us into the future of PC gaming.”

Specs And Price

The MSI GT72S G Tobii sports an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M graphics card, Intel Core i7 processor, Nahimic Sound Technology, a backlit SteelSeries keyboard and Killer DoubleShot Network. The device also boasts red accent lights on its different parts.

The machine's eye-tracking component currently supports a myriad of video games, which range from ArmA 3, Elite: Dangerous, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and more. All in all, the component supports 27 games.

Should you wish to give it a go, you need to splurge a whopping $2,599.99.

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