Samsung has applied for a patent for the S Pen that can double as a stand for smartphones in the Galaxy Note series.

Many smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy Note 4 have a large screen for owners to enjoy watching video. However, it can get difficult to hold big devices in the hands and view videos at the same time.

It seems that Samsung is working on a solution with its next-generation S Pen that will also act as a stand for the smartphone. Patently Mobile has revealed some details of a Samsung stylus patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Q3 2015, giving a glimpse of what the next-generation S Pen may look like.

The existing S Pen cannot bend. However, Samsung is designing a Galaxy Note Pen that users can pull out halfway, twist and lock in a position so that it can be used as a stand. Users will have the option to put the Galaxy Note smartphone in either portrait or landscape positions to watch video or use other apps.

A number of kickstands are available in the market but customers have to pay and purchase the stand. However, customers will not have to purchase a separate kickstand if Samsung uses S Pen that can bend and double as a stand.

"When the exposed part of the Samsung pen is bent at the joint, the half remaining in the pen's holding groove is automatically locked into position to provide the user with a sturdy stand. When the pen is re-bent to its straightened position, the lock is automatically disengaged to allow the pen to be removed or inserted back fully into its resting groove," says Patently Mobile.

A stylus brings increased functionality to smartphones and tablets. While most smartphone and tablet owners use their fingers to communicate with their device, a stylus can be used for precise writing and drawing.

Samsung makes a number of smartphones and tablets but handsets in the Galaxy Note series are some of the only ones to have an enclosed S Pen.

It is very likely that Samsung will at least slightly tweak the design of the next smartphone in the Galaxy Note series expected to be launched in the second half of 2016. Some users complained that the S Pen in the Galaxy Note 5 can be inserted backwards resulting in damage to the stylus and the phone's sprint mechanism. The company addressed the issue and quietly tweaked the handset's internals.

It remains to be seen when Samsung introduces the bendable S Pen in its smartphones.

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