The popular password manager 1Password for Android now has a neat new update that adds fingerprint unlock, a Material Design overhaul and more.

At first sight, the most obvious difference the update brings is the new, cleaner-looking interface, implementing Google's clutter-free Material Design guidelines that are easy on the eyes.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the update, however, is that 1Password for Android now boasts support for fingerprint unlock. This means that users will be able to log in just by scanning their fingerprint.

Anyone who ever used the 1Password manager on mobile is surely familiar with the drawback of typing a tough password. Sure, the app only requires one single master password, but typing a long and complicated password on mobile can be quite painful.

By the time you type "h3r3c0mesMYmAsterPASSword416129!" or whatever complex security password you come up with, chances are you're already dreaming of a more convenient way of securely logging in.

Fingerprint unlock aims to offer precisely that - convenience without compromising security. It's worth pointing out, however, that it's currently working only on smartphones that rely on Android Marshmallow fingerprint support. This means that phones running an older version of Android or sporting some custom fingerprint software can't benefit from fingerprint support just yet. Needless to mention, the phone itself would need to have a fingerprint scanner to take advantage of fingerprint unlock.

Lastly, the 1Password v6.0 update also adds support for sharing passwords with teams, further aiming to simplify the process while offering a high level of security.

"Our new Material Design interface will delight your eyeballs. Unlock 1Password more simply than ever with Fingerprint Unlock. 1Password for Teams helps you organize your items into multiple vaults and share them," developer AgileBits notes in the app's description on the Play Store.

"There's a lot more for you to discover in version 6, much of it the result of your enthusiastic feedback. Thank you for your love and support!"

Password managers are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the rise of mobile use. So far, 1Password has received positive reviews and the recent news that a phishing attack could compromise the security of LastPass may have convinced more users to switch to 1Password.

For more information regarding the latest 1Password for Android update, head over to the developer's blog.

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