Family Feud is one of the most venerable and popular game shows in the U.S. The program, which has been running in various versions for 40 years, is currently hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, who has been doing the honors since 2010.

Harvey had a field day with a recent contestant who has now been branded the worst ever on the show after giving the same answer over and over again in various accents.

As most viewers know, the object of the game is to match one's answer with that of 100 people who have previously been surveyed and asked the same question. This time, the question was "Name Another Word For Mother," and there were four potential answers on the board, in order from most to least popular.

Contestant Sheila Patterson's family got the top two answers, "Mom/Mommy" and "Mama" correct, and another family member guessed wrong with "Nana." When Sheila's turn was up, she proceeded to repeat the same wrong answer as her family member, "Nana," which Harvey reminded her was already given. Sheila then attempted an increasingly hilarious list of responses that amounted to her repeating the previously guessed answers "Nana" and "Mommy" in various accents, emphasizing different syllables in the words.

Harvey looks on incredulously as Sheila just doesn't seem to get it, even after he asks her point blank if she's crazy and breaks into his own mocking routine of giving the same answer in different ways, from doing a soft shoe dance while saying "Mommy" to engaging the audience in a rousing chorus of "'Nana' Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye."

Finally, after giving Sheila more than enough chances, Patterson's final response is "Well Steve I would say 'Mom' but 'Mom' is already up there," upon which an exasperated Harvey signals the producers to finally buzz her off.

You can watch the clip in its entirety below, and be sure to check out the full episode when it airs on Feb. 23, where we'll finally learn the remaining two answers on the board and also see if the Patterson family manages to come back from Sheila's now famous flub, which has already been seen by more than 3 million viewers.

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