Telstra's users have been going through serious problems recently, as earlier in the week, as much as 1.5 million subscribers experienced a major outage across Australia which affected voice calls and data.

The outage, which the company admitted was because of a human error, has pushed the company to give free data to its subscribers on Feb. 14, Sunday, as an apology.

However, even before Telstra subscribers can enjoy the free data that the company is giving away in connection with the major outage, another issue has cropped up for Telstra.

According to reports, broadband users of Telstra have not been able to access a significant number of websites on Feb. 10. While not all websites have been affected by the service disruption, users revealed that those that had JustHost, HostGator, Hostmonster and Bluehost as their hosts were the ones that were not loading in Internet browsers. 

In addition to the inaccessible websites for consumers, businesses were also victimized by the outage, with e-mail proving to be inaccessible and the hosted website panel also not reachable.

In the early morning of Feb. 11, Telstra said that it had finally fixed the issue, claiming that offshore Internet sections caused the disruptions. The company said that the problem was caused by a router failure with a service provider based in the United States, and that it was not an issue within Telstra's network. Nevertheless, the company worked with the providers to quickly solve the problem.

The outage earlier in the week was caused by a technician who made an error while moving subscribers across mobile nodes, which is a device that helps in controlling the flow of mobile calls that are attempting to connect to the larger networks of Telstra. This caused service disruptions to about 10 percent to 15 percent of the company's subscribers for several hours.

The root cause of the outage experienced by broadband users, however, has not yet been clearly identified. While the company has already fixed the problem, Telstra's reputation for reliability has taken a hit with the two outages happening within just a week's time.

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