Telegram Update Adds Cool New Features For Secure Voice Messages, Secret Chats And More


Messaging applications aren't hard to find. There are tons of them on both Android and iOS, and almost all of them offer other features besides messaging.

Telegram is one such app that promises security first and foremost above its long list of features. Its latest update, Telegram version 3.5, offers users a slew of new and updated tweaks to voice messages, secret chats and even a photo editor.

With voice messages, Telegram users can see animated waveform visualizations of voice-based messages they both send and receive. With the new player, users can also switch to media and other chats while a message plays in the background. As Telegram points out on its blogpost, "For who are we to defy the god of multi-tasking?"

Aside from the multitasking features, Telegram also allows users to simply raise their phones to their heads to continue listening to a voice message or record one after the signal fires off to begin recording. The developer warns, however, that the feature is still highly experimental and may not work smoothly with every single device.

Telegram's standout feature with secret chats still allows for self-destructing messages and end-to-end encryption. As added bonuses in the new update, detailed link previews and even GIFs can be seen within a chat. Users can also target a specific person in a group chat by using @ replies, and a lot more sharing options are now available with sticker sharing and using inline bots.

The above are the major updates included in the new Telegram version 3.5, but there are still a bunch of smaller yet useful features packed into the app. For example, supergroups with up to 1,000 members can be better maintained by supergroup creators by controlling who may add new members to the group.

In connection with supergroups, Telegram also gives users more control when overly active friends start adding people to random groups and channels. Users will now have the option to decide which of their contacts may add them to a group or channel.

For iPhone users, Telegram can now share media files, documents and location to any chat or channel directly from default iOS apps like Contacts, Maps, Voice Memos and Photos. For Android users, Telegram has brought in even more photo-editing tools such as the ability to rotate, fade, add tint and adjust curves.

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