Ryan Reynolds can start celebrating now that he proved his vision Wade Wilson and Deadpool are what the fans really wanted because "Deadpool" is about to set a record on its opening weekend alone with an estimated $100 million earnings in the U.S. box office.

The figures are a mighty redemption for Reynolds who has been attached to a "Deadpool" project that was scrapped in favor of the 2009 Hugh Jackman led "The X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Reynolds had a short cameo appearance in that film as Deadpool but he was frustrated and disappointed about how the character of Deadpool was changed in the film, perhaps even more than the fans who disliked it.

This time, however, after years of campaigning and months of careful preparation, grueling training and ensuring that his vision for "Deadpool" will be protected, Reynolds' efforts paid off. On the opening night alone, "Deadpool" earned $12.7 million and Friday earnings are projected at $29.1 million, with a daily haul of $41.5 million.

Further estimates suggest that the Valentine's and President's Day weekend will push the "Deadpool" four-day earnings past $115 million, and that is just in the U.S. Overseas, the R-rated Marvel Comic adaptation is on its way to earning over $80 million for the weekend.

Fox, the studio behind the film, had only pegged the debut at a little over $60 million while others only had a forecast of $70 million, but it seems an R-rating for the merc with a mouth's film did not discourage fans in the least bit.

To say that Reynolds should be happy is an understatement. After all, it took the Canadian actor 11 years, a scrapped project, a bad cameo appearance and an underwhelming box office performance as a DC Comics superhero before he finally got the green light to redeem himself and steer the project the way he envisioned it. Perhaps Reynolds really does belong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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