Rumor: Windows 10 Version Of 'Gears Of War 4,' 'Horizon 3' And 'Forza Motorsport 6' In The Works


Microsoft is rumored to release several Xbox One exclusives for Windows 10 platform.

In early February this year, Microsoft announced that it will also release a PC version of Quantum Break. Now, a rumor suggests that upcoming games Gears Of War 4 and Horizon 3 will be released for Xbox One as well as Windows 10.

Microsoft may also deliver a PC version of Forza Motorsport 6, which was released worldwide as an Xbox One exclusive in September 2015, soon.

WPDang cites sources familiar with the matter and reports that Gears Of War 4 will be released on Windows 10 Store.

"Anonymous source told us that the future Windows will gradually become the main distribution channel for PC games, and this trend will first start with Microsoft's own first party games," says the translated WPDang report.

Microsoft's change in strategy should not come as a surprise to many market observers as it also announced Halo Wars 2 for Xbox and Windows 10. The company has not yet confirmed its official plans to launch Gears Of War 4 or the unannounced Horizon 3 for Windows 10, but it may not be hard for some gamers to guess that these games will also be released for the PC OS. It also confirmed Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 and Xbox in 2015. 

Quantum Break will be released for Windows 10 and for Xbox One on the same day. Gamers will get access to the PC version of the video game when they preorder the digital version of the game directly from the Xbox Store.

A reason why Microsoft is launching some games for Xbox One as well as on Windows 10 is because the underlying technologies in these platforms are the same and developers do not have to work differently while developing games for PC or Xbox.

Gamers who have Microsoft's gaming console and a PC will have the advantage of using the same profiles as well ass opening and saving games on either their Xbox One or their PC.

Microsoft is holding a showcase for Windows 10 and Xbox One games on Feb. 25 in San Francisco. It is likely that the company will officially announce Gears Of War 4, Horizon 3, Forza Motosport 6 and probably more games for Windows 10 at the event.

Till then gamers will have to take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

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