Video game developer Mojang announced this week a new subscription service that will bring Minecraft collectibles delivered to player's doors each month.

Called Mine Chest, the box will feature new items each month that gamers can wear, collect and create with. Some of these items will only be available through the service or offered to subscribers first, such as exclusive Minecraft T-shirts and cool Minecraft toys and other collectibles. Gamers will be able to build their chest collection over time with each new month.

"When you play Minecraft, you never know what you're going to find when you break past those next few blocks, and that feeling of anticipation can be quite exciting, yes? Well, we wanted to bring that same sense of discovery and creativity, but with cool monthly shipments of Minecraft gear, exclusive items, and neat DIY crafting recipes! Introducing the new and improved Mine Chest! Now you can subscribe for a monthly box of Minecraft goodness, even some items that you can't mine anywhere else," Mojang writes in an announcement.

The Mine Chests will be themed after in-game locations such as the Jungles, Frozen Plains and the Nether.

It will cost Minecraft gamers $29.99 a month plus $7 shipping and handling and tax for this subscription service, which will only be offered in the U.S. for now. However, Mojang said it is "working on a grand plan" to bring the service worldwide.

The first Mine Chests will start shipping in May, and those gamers who sign up for the service by the end of February will receive a limited beta version that includes items that "explore the beginnings of Minecraft."

The delivery service sounds similar to the subscription box for gamers known as Loot Crate, where members pick a crate based on themes like anime to be sent to them each month. The company recently announced Loot Gaming, the crate that includes memorabilia and in-game DLC, and other goodies. With a new theme every month, games featured include Halo, Street Fighter, The Elder Scrolls, Heroes of the Storm and Super Mario Bros. These boxes cost $25 plus $5 shipping and handling.

Thanks to Mojang, Minecraft gamers can now have a box of goodies from their favorite game sent each month. Minecraft gamers can sign up for monthly Mine Chests here.

Source: Mojang

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