Sony is preparing its next PS4 software update and in order to make sure that the official release goes smoothly, the company is recruiting volunteers for beta testing.

The announcement appears on the PlayStation official blog, where interested users are able to enter their PSN IDs. Should you want to join the program, you will also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, prohibiting you from revealing anything you might encounter during the beta testing phase.

This is common procedure for all betas, regardless of ecosystem, so if you feel like taking a dive into the latest PS4 features, just sign up for the United States beta program.

If, on the other hand, you are a European PlayStation player, sign up to register for the upcoming beta for your region.

To sign up, users only need a PS4 with an Internet connection and a master account.

"We'll share more details on the new features you'll be able to test when the beta begins," Sony says.

The beta program rolls out at the beginning of March. Sony notes that only the selected players for the beta trial will be contacted with additional instructions. Those who are lucky enough to be picked will get email instructions on downloading the beta software update. The company points out that even after downloading the beta, PS4 owners can roll back to their previous stable software systems.

It is not the first time when Sony appeals to its consistent user base to polish the latest piece of code.

For example, PlayStation took its time with beta testing before releasing software version 2.50 in March 2015, which packed the heavily appraised suspend/resume feature. The system software 3.0 reached the common users after it was thoroughly vetted by testers until September 2015.

One of Sony's staples of quality control was its constant communication with its fan base. The company showed in repeated cases that it values and implements the players' feedback. This means that Sony puts emphasis on delivering its updates as close to perfection as possible, and is not afraid to invest time and resources to polish its products.

Little official information exists on the content of the upcoming update, but we are confident that leaks will reveal inside info, as it usually happens.

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