Despite reports that there are certain models of hoverboards that are fire hazards due to the risk of their batteries exploding, the popularity of the personal transportation device has not waned. It was one of the most sought-after gifts over the holidays, and more recently, it even made an appearance in the Dunk Contest of the NBA All-Star Weekend.

The continuing popularity of hoverboards was due to customers learning which brands were safe to purchase and which should be avoided due to the risk of explosion, with various buying guides popping up online regarding the matter.

However, the United States government has revealed that it has an entirely different view on which hoverboards are safe or unsafe, stating that, in fact, all of the personal transportation devices should be deemed unsafe as of now.

The statement was made by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission after an investigation that lasted several months into the hoverboards and the safety risks they present.

The letter, which was addressed to manufacturers, importers and retailers of self-balancing scooters, urges these companies to make sure the hoverboards they are selling follow new safety standards. If the agency finds companies selling hoverboards not meeting standards, enforcement actions could occur, including penalties and the seizure of the items.

As such, the CSPC is calling for hoverboard companies to take the personal transportation device off the market until they receive a certification of safety from the UL, an independent testing company.

NBC News asked CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye if any hoverboard has currently passed the new standards, and her response confirmed the agency's call.

"Not that we are aware of, that's why we want everybody to stop sale, test their units, see if they do or not, and if they do continue selling it, if they don't, don't sell them anymore and recall any of them that are on the market," Kaye said.

In addition, Kaye dismissed the notion that the higher-priced hoverboards on the market are safer than the cheaper ones, as the safety issues that have prompted the agency's action can be seen on all brands and models of the hoverboards.

With CPSC's official notice, hoverboard manufacturers and retailers could soon be issuing massive recall orders for their products, as all hoverboards are now officially safety hazards until they undergo tests for compliance with the new safety standards.

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