Carice van Houten appeared on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Thursday to keep everyone guessing about what is going to happen in the sixth season of "Game of Thrones." None of the actors are allowed to divulge anything since season 6 will be the first season that won't coincide with the books – primarily because George R.R. Martin has not come out with the next installment yet.

Meyers was aware that van Houten never let slip any information on the HBO series, so instead of trying to get any clue from the actress, he decided to join in and tease the audience by using information we already know. His wonderful idea involved getting the high ranking priestess to attend his baby shower and try to expand her social circle.

The sketch featured Melisandre partaking in activities during the baby shower. Her invitation to the intimate event was due to her acquaintance with Meyers in college but, even with the modern context, Melisandre remained in character, at least until she loudly cheered "Go, Cats!" when their college, "North Westeros," was mentioned.

Melisandre was pretty funny even when she was just being herself, especially when she recounted the moment when she gave birth to a shadow assassin baby that was sent out to kill Renly Baratheon. She did try to get along with the other ladies by asking about their romantic prospects, and she revealed that she was interested in someone she works with but she is not sure that he is the right man for her. It turns out, the man Melisandre "works with" is none other than Lord Commander Jon Snow.

Watch the sketch below.

"I'm pretty sure he's dead... Well, at least that's the way it was left," Melisandre says matter-of-factly.

Melisandre, we all know the Lord of Light is powerful and can bring the dead back to life, as revealed by the Brotherhood Without Banners. Perhaps Melisandre could do the same. After all, she did make it to the wall before the end credits to the fifth season flashed.

If the Lord of Light brought Beric Dondarrion back to life six times from six different instances of death, it would sure be peanuts for him to resurrect Jon Snow back from one death from at least a dozen stabs. Then again, Jon Snow did reject Melisandre.

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