Apple is launching a software update in spring which will finally fix the 1970 bug that had "bricked" its iPhones.

Dubbed iOS 9.3, its latest version is currently in beta and offers a bug fix by limiting the device's system time. This means that users will not be able to set back the device's system time before Dec. 31, 2000, eventually preventing the phone from bricking.

A bricked iPhone will make the device completely useless. Apart from disabling calls, texts and gaming, the device is also unable to boot up.

According to Apple, changing the date manually to May 1970 or even earlier may stop the handset from turning on after a restart. The company also revealed that a software update will soon be launched which promises to protect iOS devices from getting affected.

Apple had advised users with affected devices to contact Apple Support on the issue. Another way to deal with the issue is to try restoring the device by going through iTunes.

The date bug is just one of the several ways that can brick an iPhone.

Users are also warned not to open the crashsafari[dot]com link which is said to generate a string of text that will cause the Safari browser to become overloaded. When the address bar gets filled very quickly, it affects the device's memory system which eventually makes the handset feel hotter. In about 20 seconds after, the handset will shut down and reboot.

Owners of the iPhone 6 also complained of the so-called Error 53, which usually occurs when the handset's home button is modified or has undergone repair by a third party. Once affected, users noted how their handsets have failed the security checks and how all the features are disabled in relation to Touch ID.

Apple had already rolled out an update to iOS 9.2.1 to fix the Error 53 issue and it is now available for download through iTunes among Mac or PC users.

The iOS 9.3 beta, meanwhile, is almost nearing the end of the testing period. Apple said that the full software version will finally debut in spring.

The company is speculated to launch the update on its rumored event on March 15 where it may announce some of its upcoming devices. These include the iPad Air 3, the iPhone 5se and some new bands for the Apple Watch.

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