A form of what seems like an interstellar alien mothership was spotted lurking near Jupiter, UFO seekers claim. The structure was described as "observing Earth," with its huge size and weird alien-like structure.

The Footage
The mysterious clip, which shows a big and unidentified element up in space, was taken by a Martian research specialist Louis Reed, who is from Bristol in the UK.

Reed captured the event using his Canon 650D camera with telescopic lens, positioned well using a tripod that stood on a backyard.

The footage specifically shows the planet Jupiter on the left and strange structure on the right, emitting a bright light.

Reed then sent the clip to UFO seekers group SecureTeam10, who in turn posted it on their YouTube page with more than 200,000 subscribers.

SecureTeam10's Take

SecureTeam10 is a hardcore UFO-seeking team that is said to go beyond the boundaries of underground reporting, expose aliens and those who try to hinder them from the public.

The narrator in the video named Tyler says the thing next to Jupiter is certainly not a blob on the lens of the camera, but some type of alien craft probably looking down to Earth from space.

"We definitely have a reflective UFO up there caught on camera," he says. Whatever it is, Tyler says there is only one thing certain for him: the structure does not belong there.

One day after posting the footage, SecureTeam10 uploaded another photo showing the same event, but this time it came from another person.

Jupiter And Europa

Tyler also points out to the possibility that the structure may be approaching Jupiter's moon, Europa. He adds that it was very close to the moon, which is something that has never been observed in our solar system in the past.

Jupiter and Europa have long been enveloped with massive mystery. Some scientists even believe that alien life exists somewhere in the oceans underneath its icy surface.

SecureTeam10 thinks NASA will soon explore Europa. They hope that it will be a manned mission so astronauts can drill the surface and possible expose alien life beneath it.

Critics' Comments

While SecureTeam10 and Reed seem quite sure about the UFO sighting, some critics beg to disagree. Some say the light may have come from the planet Saturn. Other people say it was a cluster of Jupiter's moons, while some think it is the planet Juno.

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