Another day, another NX rumor, but the rumors detailed below might be worth considering given the source's previous track record.

According to a source with insider information by the name of Geno via Dual Pixels, six new details about Nintendo's new console have been revealed. Let's break them down:

First, it is said that the console will use HDMI and uses an "evolved" version of the Wii U's streaming tech to display in HD to television screens. The next piece of information is far more interesting, as it claims the NX controller will feature "haptic feedback" in the controller's analog sticks, meaning if you run your character into a wall, the stick will actually bounce back to simulate your character running headfirst into a wall.

You may remember a rumor about the NX being able to work with nearly any electronic device, including rival consoles. New details provided by Geno seems to shine even more light on that rumor by stating the NX's bluetooth capabilities will allow it sync with smart devices so that users can receive calls and display text messages through the NX and onto the television.

Next up are supposed details about the console's graphical power and look. Geno says the console will be comprable to the Xbox One graphically and is supposedly very easy to develop for. In terms of design, the console is described as "if Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS" had a baby.

Social features will also play a large role for the NX, if the details are to believed. Geno says the upcoming mobile game Pokemon Go is a good example of what to expect from the NX in terms of AR, multiplayer and the Nintendo 3DS Streetpass function.

That's a lot to take in, but Geno has proven to be right before with leaked details about Microsoft's Hololens, the PlayStation 4 and Pokemon X and Y. As for whether or not any of this is true, it's hard to say, but certain details do match up with previously reported rumors, such as the ability to sync with other devices and the system having graphics comparable to the Xbox One.

Keep in mind this is just the latest NX rumor. Another slew or supposedly leaked details about the console's release date came last week, in which it was stated the NX would be releasing during the 2016 holiday season. So far Nintendo has offered absolutely zero details about the NX, but that will be changing this summer when the company officially lifts the veil on what's next.

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