Latest Nintendo NX Rumor Is Yet Another Example Of Why Not To Go Crazy Over NX Rumors


Nintendo's NX is the biggest video game mystery of the year. What could Nintendo's new console be? The company looks to be doubling down on the mobile market, and early reports says the Big N's new machine may be both a console and a handheld.

We won't know for sure for several more months, but that hasn't stopped more rumors from flying across the web as gamers speculate on what Nintendo is preparing to unveil this summer at E3.

Take this latest rumor with an entire jar of salt, then, because there isn't much to back it up. According to one tweet from Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki (who says the information comes from David Gibson, the head of research at Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan), Nintendo's NX console might be compatible with other computing devices, ranging from smartphones and PCs to even rival game consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Mochizuki doesn't elaborate any further (or provide a link to further evidence from Gibson or really an other explanation at all), but that hasn't stopped the gaming world from being set ablaze by the idea. Couple this with what is supposedly a survey about the NX from Nintendo, with new information about the console including achievements support, a handheld gaming device and 900p visuals, and it seems like the Internet can't get enough of blowing these rumors out of proportion. Late last year a Nintendo patent for what could (maybe?) be the NX's controller set the web ablaze.

Could some of these rumors, such as the long-talked-about handheld device and ability to work with other gadgets, turn out to be true? Absolutely. None of the rumors stand out as being outlandish or obviously fake, but we can't know if there is any truth behind them, either. That's why they are rumors, after all, and more often than not, rumors don't turn out to be fully accurate (or accurate at all).

The simple fact is this: we won't know what's going on with Nintendo's NX console for a few more months. It's going to be a long, painful wait, but that's the way it is. The fact that so many sites are treating one tweet as breaking news just goes to show how crazy this has all become.

So just sit back. Relax. Play some Super Mario Maker. Official Nintendo NX news is on the way. You just have to wait until June for it to get here.

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