'Fuller House' Easter Eggs Fans Might Have Missed


Fuller House premiered on Netflix on Friday, which means we all stayed in this weekend glued to our screens. We already expected there to be lot of references to the original series but quickly found out this spinoff was jam-packed with the beloved one-liners and payed homage to hit '90s series at every chance that it got.

Since you were too busy looking out for cameos by cast members like Uncle Jesse (John Stomas) and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) and being overwhelmed by nostalgia, there's a good chance that you missed out on some more subtle throwbacks to the original show, such as hidden objects located on-set. Fuller House also snuck by some other nods to the original in the form of jokes and wardrobe choices.

Of course, these could never get by a diehard fan, but in case you missed it, here are all the hidden Easter eggs in Fuller House.

1. Michelle's Pencil Bed

Since Fuller House takes place at the original Tanner residence, we expected the set to look a lot like the original. While there have been some updates done to the fictional house, some things did not change, like the iconic baby blue and white checkered couch.

After the Fuller boys were forced to share a room like their mom and aunt did back in the day, we picked up on the fact that their beds were placed in the same spot, complete with a small table. At first glance, the room looks pretty unique to the boys, but once you take a closer look, you will see that frame of the beds feature the pencil posts that Michelle had in her room.

The furniture in baby Tommy's room also features the retro pencil furniture, including the lamp and set of shelves. Michelle is there in spirit. We got you, dude.

2. Elvis Onesie

Uncle Jesse was obsessed with Elvis Presley. In fact, he still is. In episode two, "Moving Day," there is a scene where Jesse is driving and singing along to the King's song "Burning Love." That's not the only time Fuller House paid homage to Jesse's idol. We also get to see Tommy adorably dressed in a white Elvis onesie, complete with the cape.

3. Kitchen Duck And Jesse's Old Clothes

Jesse is known for his cool, rock 'n roll style, something that he continues to sport in the spinoff. John Stamos answered questions from fans on Twitter, revealing that he took things from the original set, like the jukebox that was in his room. This time around, the only thing he did take was a duck from the kitchen that was on the original set. He also said that he took a lot of his clothes from the old days, adding that we will see lots of his old looks. Uncle Joey also wears his same old Bugs Bunny pajamas and patterned shirts in the spinoff.

4. Mildew Reference

We all know that Danny Tanner loves to clean. Do you remember that time when he tried out to be a member of Jesse and the Rippers? He embraced his inner rock star and auditioned using his alter ego Mildew. Of course, becoming a rock 'n roller like Jesse just wasn't in his cards. This reference makes a comeback when we hear Danny sing "Wild Thing" in the pilot episode. Of course, the gang makes their quick exit.

5. D.J.'s Love Triangle

D.J. and Steve were a match made in high school heaven. However, true fans know Steve wasn't always the guy in the picture. In the older episodes, D.J. finds herself in a love triangle when Nelson and Viper fight her her love. We see the same thing happen in the spinoff, with handsome vet and co-worker Matt and old flame Steve both trying to be her main squeeze. Unfortunately, things end the same way as in the original (even though we know it's D.J. and Steve forever).

6. Sleepover Throwback

Speaking of D.J. and Steve, there is an episode in the original series when the two love birds fall asleep while watch a movie. D.J. was in big trouble, mister, when this happened, and we see a throwback to this scenario in Fuller House. Instead of D.J., though, it's Kimmy who is part of the scene, when she falls asleep with her on-again-off-again Latin lover and ex-husband Fernando.

Other Easter Eggs

Fuller House doesn't shy away from making jokes relating to the cast's real lives. In the pilot, the cast explains Michelle's (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) absence by saying that she was busy "in New York running her fashion empire." The cast then stares into the camera for a few seconds, breaking the fourth wall. However, there was another take where Danny reveals that Michelle is engaged, as the rest of the cast starts to ad lib. Danny can't help himself but to tell out "One episode," before he jokingly gets a phone call from the twins' lawyer.

Another Easter egg of a joke we uncovered happens in the pilot episode when the cast is explaining where they are heading off to next after their little family reunion. Uncle Jesse reveals that he is going to L.A. for his new job as a music composer for General Hospital. You might recall that he called the show his "favorite soap opera." He goes on to say, "They always hire the best actors on there." Why this line? Because Stamos actually starred on General Hospital as Blackie Parrish in the '80s.

In episode three, titled "Funner House," it's ladies night out at the club. This episode features lots of dancing, alluding to Candace Cameon-Bure's time on Dancing with the Stars. It also features cameos from professional dancers from the series Val and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

There is even a line where D.J. credits her smooth moves to watching Dancing with the Stars each week, although she is reminded that the series doesn't air when The Bachelorette is on. Fuller House spoofs The Bachelorette later on, when D.J. must pick between Steve and Matt and give the winner a rose.

Fuller House is now available to stream on Netflix.

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