Facebook launched its new "Reactions" feature last week that allows users to better express how they feel instead of just giving a "like." And while we can't get enough of the animated emojis, users can now download different versions of these Reactions with this plugin.

This browser extension for Firefox and Chrome called Reaction Packs swaps the Facebook emojis with images of the user's choice. Among the available options include a Pokémon and Donald Trump pack — because what better way to react to an election-related article on your News Feed than by using the "Wow" Trump image?

After downloading the Reaction Pack plugin, Facebook users must then go to the browser extension website to pick which images they wish to use. The type of Reactions (like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry) are still the same, but instead they will feature characters from whichever theme they pick. This includes the Pokémon pack featuring Charizard, Pikachu and Jigglepuff, a Scoot Sprites pack, and the various faces of Trump.

Users can also make and publish their own Reaction Pack, which will then be available for the public to use. However, the creator will get credit for their work, along with a link to their website.

Once the pack is chosen, refresh the Facebook tab to be able to see the changes. Facebook users then simply hover over the like button the same way they would to use the animated emojis, but now the new Reaction buttons will appear.

Since this is a browser extension, users won't be able to use these new Reactions images on their mobile Facebook app. It's also important to note that only the user will be able to see the Reactions appear as the new characters unless their Facebook friends also have the plugin installed. But once the user selects a pack, they can share the link to the plugin so that friends can join in.

There's also Trump Reactions, another plugin that was previously posted on Product Hunt a week prior to the Reaction Packs. This Chrome extension was created by Email Hunter co-founder François Grante after he was inspired to do so by a tweet from Hunter Schwartz. This extension features the same Trump expressions as the other plugin.

Source: The Next Web

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