A developer created a Web-based reading that uses JavaScript to create an effect that simulates how people with dyslexia see letters in written text.

Inspired by a friend's description, the developer actually showed letters of each word like they were jumping around or moving like a meter - requiring strong concentration in order to understand the word.

The text had both a "dyslexic" and non-dyslexic version on GitHub.

Dyslexia is a type of disorder characterized by difficulty in reading fluently as well as comprehending the reading material. It is, however, not synonymous with having abnormal intelligence.

It is also the most recognized type of reading disorder. Dyslexia is also known as developmental reading disorder (DRD), which is considered the most common type of learning disability.

In the past, when dyslexia was not yet acknowledged as a learning disability, people who had the difficulty recalled how they were treated differently in school. For some, the experience was frustrating enough that they even decided to just drop out of school.

"I am 52 and Dyslexia is not easy sometime I can read just fine," says a comment. "I can only type about 40 words a min cause of it. I will never be any faster. I was put in with the kids that are mentally retarded and was concerned that as well. I had no schooling at all they just push you thru."

The accuracy of the JavaScript effect can vary. There are some dyslexics who see the characters bouncing around vertically.

"With the words moving around in the writing above it is easy for me to read. For people that do not have it I bet they can not even read it. Thank you for sharing I hope others will see how it feels for us. I did not pass school I dropped out cause I just could not do it," the comment continues.

The issue of processing visual information can be attributed to Irlen's Syndrome, which is connected with dyslexia, although not created by it.

Nevertheless, the simulated reading somehow provides a first step in understanding how dyslexics actually feel and the difficulties they encounter, which are usually taken for granted or worse, misconceived as laziness.

Perhaps the endeavor would one day inspire website creators to find innovative ways to accommodate Internet users who have difficulty in reading.

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