The report says that users in America limit themselves in using certain applications. For the past couple of months, around 65.5 percent of users have refrained from downloading any application. Instead, they opted to download the mini-apps which scored 7 percent of the total number of downloaded apps.

According to comScore, people spend 52 percent of their time using apps as compared to visiting a website. Most users are not interested in adding new apps to their devices even if the apps are free.

"People only have so much storage space on their phones, so they really have to be selective about which apps they download," says Adam Lella, marketing analyst of comScore. Users would normally stagger with their favorite apps while a few would opt for second ranked applications.

New apps come and go which could explain why there are now more than 2 million apps available in the app stores of Apple and Google. Out of this number, ten apps have managed to outshine the rest of the pack.

Topping the list of the ten most popular smartphone apps in the U.S. is none other than Facebook. With 115 million user visits every month, Facebook is no doubt the most used app to date.

Google apps occupy at least five spots in the list. Landing at the second spot is the Google acquired YouTube. The popular music sharing app is said to have 83.4 million users.

The third most popular app is the Google Play app where Android phone owners get their new apps. Google Play has a whopping record of 72 million users every month. This number may be attributed to the fact that Android has almost 85 percent market share of phones on a global scale.

The fourth spot is another prominent app on Android phones. The Google search app, which recently added the Google voice search feature, now has 70 million users.

Breaking the Google "habit" temporarily is the personalized online radio service Pandora. Occupying the fifth spot, Pandora has 69 million listeners which makes it the largest radio station in the world.

The two remaining Google apps in the list occupy the sixth and seventh spots. These are Google maps and Gmail which have 64.5 million and 60 million monthly users respectively.

Instagram, the most popular photo sharing app in the world, makes it at the eight spot. It now has 46.6 million users every month.

Two apps have managed to reach a tie of having 42 million users every month. These are Apple maps and the Yahoo Finance app.

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