Yik Yak, a renowned anonymous social network app particularly on universities, is stepping away from anonymity. Yik Yak has introduced Handles, which Yakkers can optionally attach their yaks or replies to allow their "unique personality shine" and not to be entirely anonymous.

Beginning Tuesday, users of the social network app will be asked to make their own unique handles.

"[W]e're introducing a new way for you to also establish your unique voice in your community," says Yik Yak on a blogpost.

Much like other social networking sites, no two handles are identical on Yik Yak. Once users have created their very own handle, no one else can claim it.

Yakkers have the option to push out their yaks with or without their handle. Do note, though, that handles are turned on by default. However, users have the choice to toggle their handle off on each yak or reply that they post.

How To Create Your Handle

Users are going to be guided through the process as they post their next yak or reply. If they, however, are having a hard time in choosing their handle, they are still given the option to view and vote on other users' yaks.

Handles are on a first come, first served basis, which means that if you don't want other Yakkers to get the handle of your choice, then you have to claim yours as soon as possible.

Users also have to download the latest version of Yik Yak via Google Play or App Store to claim the handle that they want.

"We've loved seeing Yakkers make amazing connections and organize great things within your local herds," says Yik Yak. "[W]e're excited to see how handles can help make your communities even more tight-knit."

While this move could help Yik Yak users "feel closer and more connected" to each other, this could, however, push away those who appreciate the anonymity of the service.

Yik Yak seems growing even further. In January, Tech Times reported that Yakkers are now able to yak away using their laptops and desktops, as the company launched a Web version of its location-based social network app.

Yik Yak encouraged users to provide their feedback across its various platforms in hopes to deliver the best experience possible.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to start yakking via the Web version of the app.

In the meantime, if you wish to learn more about Handles on Yik Yak, check out the video below.

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