With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, it's almost time to text our fellow Irish friends — and those who are Irish for the day — to come over to the pub to have a perfectly-poured Guinness on draft. However, after sending the shamrock and rainbow emojis, you might feel disappointed that the only beer emoji to complete the sequence has to be one of the two variations that feature a light beer.

Guinness will no longer just sit back and allow its loyal customers to feel like they can't express their love for the dark brew. The company has decided to petition the Unicode Consortium to bring more beer emojis to the keyboard.

"Today we enjoy more stouts, porters, and dark ales than at any time in human history. And in this age of technological innovation, we have more ways than ever to share our experience with others," the company writes in the open letter. "But when it comes to communicating with tiny icons, we're limited to two pale beer emojis."

As of now, the only beer options users have is the pint emoji and the emoji with two beer glasses clanking together.

"We know that you, dark beer lovers of the world, have noticed. We don't live in a one-beer world, and we deserve more than a one-beer keyboard," Guinness continues.

We know this isn't fair, and the company knows it's unfair, so it submitted a proposal to the fine folks at Unicode Consortium, who are responsible for adding new emojis, kindly asking them to release a dark beer emoji, or more suitably, called the "Stoutmoji."

In order for the Unicode Consortium to accept the Stoutmoji, it would have to be used continuously in the future and not just be a fad. Don't worry, because Guinness knows dark beer-drinking is far from this.

"A 5,000-year-old tradition is not a fad. At Guinness alone, we've been brewing dark beer
for more than 250 years — and we're not slowing down," the company writes.

Dark beer drinkers are encouraged to join to show their support by tweeting, "I want more beer variety on my keyboard. Add a #DarkBeer emoji, @Unicode. #Stoutmoji," just in time for St. Patty's Day.

Source: Guinness

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