At more than 425,000 copies, Stardew Valley is definitely a hit.

The numbers for the game are already impressive but they become even more noteworthy considering it has only been available on Steam for two weeks. Even developer Eric Barone is surprised at the kind of reception it's receiving!

What Is Stardew Valley?

Published by Chucklefish, Stardew Valley is his indie take on Harvest Moon. Barone had always loved the latter so he set out on making a Harvest Moon clone when he was learning to code in C#. As he got more coding experience, the game also grew, undergoing numerous iterations over the course of four years to be what it is today.

Why Did It Take So Long To Finish?

Barone worked on Stardew Valley alone. That means he's the sole developer for all components in the game, including the art, music and sound. He wasn't also developing the game full-time and he kept changing game elements as his own skills improved.

Why Is It So Popular?

Stardew Valley was just released Feb. 26 but Barone has been chronicling the game's development since 2012, building a fan base since then. He is known on Reddit as the user "Concerned Ape." Also, it's a really good game.

The Plot

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG. It starts out with the player having inherited an old farm plot in Stardew Valley. With a few coins and some hand-me-down tools in their possession, players are to build a new life and turn a rundown lot into a thriving home. But it's not all peace and quiet and growing crops in Stardew Valley, what with Joja Corporation doing away with the old ways of life in the town. Still, opportunities abound in the valley, so a little dedication and a whole lot of smarts can restore it to its former glory.

Where To Get It

Aside from Steam, Stardew Valley is also available through GOG and Humble.

Tips For Playing

1. Conserve energy by unequipping tools not in use and turning on tool hit location. If you're low on energy, eat snacks!

2. Deciding which crops to grow is not easy! Take your time but pause to save in-game time.

3. Start heading home by midnight. Whatever it's doing, your character will pass out at 2 a.m. And when you do, the doctor will come and take you home, a service that will cost you money. Plus, waking up after passing out will result in not having as much energy the next day.

4. Build chests to organize the items you pick up. Place them where convenient, like inside your house, by your crops, etc.

5. Don't throw anything away unless it's literally trash. Everything has a purpose in the game.

6. Watch TV every day for weather reports and to learn new things.

7. Go digging. When you see worm-like things on the ground, use your hoe on the spot and you'll unearth various items.

Watch the Stardew Valley trailer below!

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