Bet you never thought you'd see Superman take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in real life.

Plenty of actors have taken the Challenge, but Henry Cavill and Amy Adams may have just upped the ante on them all. Cavill and Adams did the Challenge on the set of "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," and they did it in costume as Superman and Lois Lane.

That's right, Cavill wore Superman's skin-tight superhero suit, while Adams wore her typical Lois Lane getup. They never pretend to be those characters in the video (below), but the effect is the same nonetheless. They're assisted by some crew members who seem all too eager to dump ice-cold water on the two of them.

(Don't bother hoping for a similar video from Ben Affleck in his Batman costume. Affleck already did the Challenge from the comfort of his home.)

Adams does all the talking, nominating her siblings before the ice water appears. To her credit, Adams takes it like a pro, never letting out so much as a yelp before she exits the frame.

There's a big twist for Cavill, though, who lives up to his character's name when one crew member after another appears behind him to dump ever more ice water on his head from increasingly bigger buckets. Cavill also accepts his fate with grace, but it goes on for so long it's hard not to feel sorry for him by the end.

But no matter how cold it gets, at least he doesn't have to worry about the wet t-shirt effect.

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