Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. have been doing a brilliant job in keeping information about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice under wraps. We've seen a lot of rumored leaks, but nothing to truly have us rubbing our beards, until now.

Not too long ago Scoot McNairy joined the cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but neither Warner or Snyder talked about what role he would play, which leads us to believe he could either be one of the main villains, or a hero destined to cameo in the film for a few seconds.

We got an idea of what is to come with McNairy's character, after an image was taken on set with the actor well-dressed in a business suit and a green fabric that covers the knees down to the feet. Chances are, this green fabric could be used for digital replacement, so what should we be expecting?

Well, since the fabric is on his legs, we've been thinking that McNairy could turn out to be The Flash. The need for the fabric could be for the purpose of using digital replacement to make his feet move quickly. Then again, the Flash is not a person who's well-known for wearing a suit, so that leaves one other candidate.

How about Metallo?

In DC's The New 52, John Corben, who later became Metallo, was a soldier who enlisted to be a part of a military project that is mainly controlled by Lex Luthor. However, we're not going to base The New 52 Scoot McNairy's possible Metallo rendition. Because he's wearing a suit, we'll look closely at the 1986 mini-series, The Man of Steel.

In the 1986 mini-series, The Man of Steel, John Corben was a conman, a profession that requires a good-looking suit in most cases. Unfortunately for him, he ended up in a terrible accident, which means the green fabric could be used to show an injured man with no feet.

The possibilities of which character Scoot McNairy is tackling in the movie are endless, but if we had to choose between the Flash and Metallo, we'd choose the latter.

We wrote an article recently which highlighted Doomsday as the main villain, but our readers had a different take, and we are inclined to agree. If there's one person Lex Luthor is capable of creating to help bring down Superman, it would definitely be Metallo.

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