Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is probably the hottest superhero movie in production right now. And rightfully so, because it will be the first time in history that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman would share the big screen together. We've seen quite a lot from the film, but what about the plot, what should movie goers expect?

Right now, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is being filmed in Detroit. Ben Affleck is there as Bruce Wayne, and Zack Snyder is there running around in a black T-Shirt, sometimes a completely black suit.

An extra on the set apparently seems to have information about the plot and what Lex Luthor is up to. Bear in mind that this information is just a rumor for now, though there is a chance it could be real, and thus would be spoiling the movie's plot for some.

Continue with caution.

According to the extra, Lex Luthor has gotten his hands on Kryptonite. It appears he was quick enough to collect debris from the World Engine that General Zod used in his attempt to transform Earth into Krypton. Furthermore, the extra also claimed that Luthor has somehow acquired the remains of General Zod, and is in the process of using tissue from his body to create Doomsday.

In addition, the extra pointed out that Batman sneaked into Lexcorp to steal Kryptonite; no need to guess why he needs it. Furthermore, the ending of the movie has already been filmed, but the extra did not seem to know how the whole story came to an end.

The extra didn't say this, but we believe that it is quite possible that Batman got his hands on General Zod's armor, along with the armor of the other Kryptonians to help create his metal suit. This would make sense, as we've witnessed how the Kryptonian armor was able to withstand blows from Superman without breaking apart.

How will Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice begin?

Chances are the first couple minutes of the movie might begin during the time when Superman's battle with Zod is coming to an end, which would explain why Bruce Wayne is saving a little girl on set from debris.

At the end of the day though, if Doomsday is in the new movie, then it would make perfect sense why Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman would want to team up. Only a super powerful foe would require the Holy Trinity, and Doomsday is perfect for that role.

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