After it had been announced that Amazon has acquired Twitch for nearly $1 billion, several video game streamers began to worry about the type of changes the online retail company might bring. However, it appears Amazon has no intentions to change Twitch, so things should go on as normal.

According to Michael Frazzini, vice president of Amazon Games, there's no reason right now to change how Twitch operates, because the folks there are doing a great job in how they run things.

"Twitch is absolutely doing a great job and we don't want to change that at all," Frazzini said.

That's good news for die-hard Twitch users, but for reasons we find Frazzini's statement difficult to believe. Should we expect Amazon to throw $970 million at Twitch but have no intention to implement changes? Doesn't make sense. However, maybe Amazon has something special up its sleeve that would allow Twitch to operate as is without making an attempt to take direct control.

For a long time, gamers fear what a big company could do to Twitch should the guys behind the streaming platform fall to the money. When it was rumored that Google was the company to take a hold of Twitch, many fans were not impressed, as they feared they might eventually need a Google+ account to log-in to their account.

That's a legitimate concern, as we've seen how Google forced all YouTube users to create a Google account to access the video platform.

Amazon buyout is more acceptable

Several users have taken to Twitter to tell how they feel about Amazon swallowing Twitch. As it stands right now, it appears the majority of the Twitch community is just fine with it. We've allocated some of what these users have been saying on Twitter below.

Emu (@HouseAlligator) - I can sleep better knowing Amazon bought Twitch. This will open doors to a worthy YouTube alternative.

Gamerob (@Gamerob57) - If twitch was going to be bought, I'm pretty happy that it's Amazon. Far and away a better alternative to Google

Petey (@thatPetey) - Amazon owning Twitch is not nearly as bad as the other alternative - in fact I'd say it's good news

Obviously, there will be a few persons on Twitter, who prefer Google over Amazon.

As-i-Sed (@S3Dub) - okay i think for Google buying twitch instead of Amazon would have been much better alternative.

The consensus is clear, people seem to prefer Amazon owing Twitch over Google, and who can blame them? Google hasn't been user privacy friendly for quite some time.

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