In a press release fashioned as a handwritten note to herself, comedienne Chelsea Handler has finally announced the details of her new Netflix show this spring, including its premiere date and how often it will air. The following day Chelsea also clued fans in on another important element - the show's title.

The "press release" is offered up in trademark Handler fashion, with a healthy dose of acerbic wit that manages to insult a few people along the way, from interviewer Byron Allen to the entire German culture, while saving most of the put downs for herself.

Handler starts off the letter to herself, entitled "Dear You", with the most important details. The new show will be 30 minutes long and will run three times a week: every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Of course, there will be no commercials as is expected from all Netflix productions, but Handler makes a special note to point this out.

She also includes her tongue-in-cheek dream guest list for the show's interview seat. While numbers 2 and 3 include The Pope and Michele Obama, respectively, the top spot is held for the person Chelsea considers her number one ultimate dream guest, Arnold Schwarzenegger's maid.

Chelsea's advice to herself in her note also includes interviewing tips:

"When interviewing respected public figures, ask yourself, 'What would Byron Allen do?' Then, do the opposite."

There are also reminders on cultural sensitivity:

"You'll be streaming in more than 190 countries, so remember to keep a deeper, more culturally sensitive perspective, especially towards the Germans, they're still touchy about everything they did."

The jokes indicate Handler will indeed continue the fearless, no holds barred and politically incorrect style she became famous for while hosting her successful nightly talk show "Chelsea Lately" on the E! Network for seven years.

Chelsea, as usual, mocks herself most of all in the note, reminding herself that she now needs to wake up each day to do the show, and scolds that, because each episode remains on Netflix "until the end of time," to "put a little more thought into what you say this time around."

At the bottom of the press release comes another crucial piece of information, the shows premiere date, which will be on May 11.

The title of the new show, however, is nowhere to be found, but the following day in a Periscope Q&A with fans. Together with high-profile attorney Gloria Allred silently beside her, Handler lets the cat out of the bag. The new show will be known simply as "Chelsea."

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