Who would have thought that a simple visit to the salon may cause one to suffer from stroke? While it may sound strange, it is true, and for one woman from California, she was able to experience it first-hand.

Two years ago, 48-year-old Elizabeth Smith went to a salon in San Diego to have her hair styled. This includes washing her hair in a shampoo chair at the salon. After two weeks, doctors said she had suffered a stroke.

Medical Report

Smith first experienced weakness in her left arm and leg and could not walk at all.

CT scan results revealed that one of Smith's arteries in the neck had been damaged by leaning back into the salon's shampoo chair. Doctors said the damage may have been due to the position of Smith's head against the wash basin during the shampoo procedure.

"I was in shock, how could that happen to me," said Smith.

All in all, Smith had stashed $250,000 for medical bills in relation to her condition.

Beauty Parlor Syndrome

What happened to Smith is a case of what is known as Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome. It is a rare condition that happens when the neck is hyperextended.

Neurologist Clifford Segil explains that when an individual is leaning the head back, there is a possibility that the circulation in the back part of the head may be irritated and lead to stroke.

For Smith's case, doctors said that her stroke was due to a vertebra that sliced through her artery, caused a clot and eventually a stroke.

Spencer Busby, one of Smith's attorneys says that they think that the salon staff failed to give sufficient support to the neck of Smith or make necessary adjustments to the chair to support her small body frame.

Although some salons offer reclining chairs and adjustable wash basins, experts recommend foregoing the procedure especially among elderly people with arthritis. The recommended angle of health tilt is 15-20 degrees only, otherwise, just have your hair washed facing down.

Smith Now

Two years have gone, yet Smith still has problems with balance, strength and vision. Ultimately, the clot in her brain is still there. Doctors said Smith may die if that clot moves.

Smith said she has this thought every night and she keeps on wondering if she will be able to wake up the next morning.

Smith has already filed a lawsuit, but most importantly what she wants is to raise awareness and make people take extra caution.

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