Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Band Sells For As Low As $125 On Amazon


Fitness enthusiasts can get Fitbit's Charge HR fitness band for $127 on Amazon.

Fitbit announced the Charge HR in October 2014 and the fitness tracker hit the shelves in January 2015.

"With Fitbit Charge HR ... features like heart rate tracking are made simpler by being continuous and automatic so the technology works no matter what you're doing and the experience is seamless yet powerful, giving users valuable all day health insights," says Fitbit.

The Fitbit Charge HR includes a heart rate monitor and a calorie counter. The fitness band is also capable of tracking a user's overall health and daily activity.

"View progress towards your daily goals for steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and see your trends over time," says Fitbit. "Record your sleep with a Fitbit tracker, then use the app to see how well you slept, explore sleep trends and set sleep goals to improve your nightly routine."

The fitness band has a long-lasting battery that can be used for five days on a single charge.

The original price tag of the Fitbit Charge HR is $149.99. However, the wearable is available at a discount of 15 percent on Amazon, which means customers can get the Fitbit Charge HR for $124.99 (plum color).

Amazon is selling the Fitbit wearable is available in small, large and extra-large sizes. Customers also have the option to choose from four color options: black, plum, blue and tangerine and teal color options. The black model of the wearable costs $126.94, while customers have to pay $129.95 for the blue and tangerine color options. The extra-large size is available only in the black hue.

Amazon Prime customers can get the wearable within two days. Free shipping applies to the all models of the Fitbit Charge HR.

The fitness tracker is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone handsets. The Fitbit Charge HR has an OLED display that lets users see their fitness progress and goals in real-time throughout the day.

The Charge HR also has a Caller ID, which means users can get notification of incoming calls when their phone is nearby. The fitness band is sweat, rain and splash proof. But, customers should not wear the wearable while taking a shower or when going for a swim.

Customers who are interested in the Fitbit Charge HR should hurry as the eBay seller has limited stock of the wearable.

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