US astronaut Tim Kopra captures Singapore from the International Space Station in one stunning photo. He shows how the Lion City looks like at night with all the bright lights in a spectacular bird's eye view.

On Saturday, March 19, Kopra posted the photo on Twitter and used the hashtag #CitiesfromSpace. The post has since been retweeted 1,442 times and has garnered 2,780 likes.

"#GoodNight #Singapore from @Space_Station," he tweets.

The image was composed majorly of very intricate-looking webs of yellow lights against the dark night. The contrast of colors made the photo look more amazing that it really is.

Executive director of Friends of NASA Dwayne Lawrence explains that the ISS was likely moving in the counterclockwise direction at Earth's low orbit over the Indian ocean and was approaching from the West when the photo was taken.

Singapore, with different aliases such as the Garden City and the Red Dot, is a southeast asian country recognized to be the only island city-state in the world.

Singapore is located one degree or 137 kilometers north of the equator at the southernmost part of continental Asia. Riau Islands in Indonesia is found at the south of Singapore.

The country has a main island shaped like a diamond with 62 islets around.

Other Cities At Night

Singapore is not the only one. Kopra also posted photos of New Delhi, Beijing, Dubai and New York.

ISS commander Kopra actually post tweets of stunning photos from the ISS every now and then, so space aficionados may find it amusing to follow him.

Photos Straight From The ISS

Aside from taking photos of the Earth from up above, Kopra also posts photos and updates about their lives as astronauts in space. Those who are curious or want to become astronauts may check out his feed to catch a glimpse of what it is like to be real-life space personnel.

The space is surely one fantastic spot to take photos of Mother Earth. Unfortunately, commercial space flights look far from becoming a reality. Good thing, astronauts up in the ISS are keen at taking photos and sharing them on social media for Earthlings to enjoy.

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