Have you ever thought of being matched with your presidential bet? Now is the time that you will have a chance to see who among the presidentiables matches you!

With the upcoming 2016 political election, the race among presidentiables also heats up. A popular smartphone dating application made its way in helping people find their best presidential match.

Tinder, a well-known dating app, and Rock the Vote, a non-profit organization that encourages the youth to vote, joined together, creating "Swipe the Vote". This helps Americans who still don't have their ideal candidate in the upcoming November election.

"Swipe the Vote" encourages passionate millennials to participate in the "match-making" process of the app through swiping either left or right. The application will provide a series of questions about issues presented during campaigns. Some of the questions include same sex marriage, marijuana legalization, minimum wage hike, and education funding. The participant will be asked to swipe right if he agrees and swipe left if he disagrees on the issue presented. The results will then be analyzed and produce a primary and secondary presidential candidate.

"Our users deserve all the credit for this one. We got inspired by their overwhelming engagement in the presidential election," says Sean Rad, founder and CEO of Tinder.

According to Sarah Audelo, a political and field director of Rock the Vote, millennials who engage in the political process have a big role in deciding on the upcoming election. She added that Tinder provided a great way for the millennials to learn the views, platform, and opinions of the presidentiables providing them a huge opportunity in engaging themselves in the issues as well as giving them a convenient way of voter registration.

The app was created after an event of  two women being kicked out of Tinder due to sending an overflowing message of support to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and the other one by creating a fake profile account of Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

The dating app also provides a link directing users to register to vote.

"Swipe on!", Tinder said on its blog release.

Photo: Darron Birgenheier | Flickr 

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