Opening Safari Links Crashes iPhone 6s Running iOS 9.3, Some Users Report


It's official – the iOS 9.3 is one bug-infested update. After reports of causing activation issues and bricking iPad 2 tablets, users are now complaining that opening links in Safari, Chrome, Mail, Messages, Notes and others crashes or freezes the apps in question.

The issue occurs mostly on newer Apple devices such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but some users also encounter it on older models.

Needless to say, users are flooding the Apple Support forums and Apple Support on Twitter yet again, seeking a quick fix.

"Never had any problems with my iPhone 6S. Just upgraded to iOS 9.3 without any issues. After the upgrade, I can't click links when searching something on Google in Safari or clicking a link in the Mail, the apps just freeze," one user says.

According to a user who got in touch with Apple Support, the company is well aware of the issue, and it's already working on a fix that's expected to roll out in a few days' time.

One user found out that turning off Javascript will fix the problem on Safari and Chrome, but apparently, the same can't be said for Mail and Notes. Another user also discovered a workaround for Chrome without the need to disable Javascript: just open links in new tabs by long-pressing them.

At this point, it's still unclear what exactly causes the problem, and Apple has yet to give out an explanation. On that note, it's widely believed that the bug could be related to the company's 3D Touch technology, as the issue is prevalently present on newer iPhones.

It's also worth mentioning that 9to5Mac carried out tests to pinpoint the cause of the issue, finding out that third-party apps could be the culprits. The folks over at the Apple-centered news website installed on a clean iPhone 6 and iPad Pro and came across the bug. They also advised against other users recreating the test because the problem persisted even when they uninstalled the app and rebooted the devices.

In light of the slew of issues that the iOS 9.3 came with, it looks like Apple really needs to get its stuff together.

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