Apple is offering developers access to the experimental version of its Safari Technology for Mac in order to see some of the new features slated to be added to the iOS and OS X web browser.

Those interested to catch a glimpse of the Safari Technology Preview can download it from Apple's developer website and have it installed on a Mac. So far, the only available preview of Safari only works for OS X, but Apple said the browser features developers will see with this version will also be applied for mobile devices running on iOS.

Apple is giving users an opportunity to provide insights on how the Safari Technology Preview could be implemented to help improve the overall experience of using the browser across various platforms.

Some of the new features for Safari include the latest advances in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WebKit.

The browser has also been made easier to update. Users can download the up-to-date developments for the Safari Technology Preview the Mac App Store.

The preview contains the latest versions of developer tools, such as Responsive Design Mode and Web Inspector, which allow users to tweak and optimize their websites.

Users can also provide direct feedback to Apple regarding issues with the Safari Technology through its Bug Reporter. They can also use the feature to make request for enhancements for the browser.

The Safari Technology Preview is designed to work as a standalone app, which means it can be run side-by-side with the latest version of Safari.

Safari users can also use the preview along with iCloud so that they can still access their Reading List, Safari Favorites and bookmarks.

People can check out the WebKit blog to find out the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript developments.

While the version of the Safari Technology Preview available on Apple's website is meant for developers for testing purposes, ordinary Safari users can still download and install the software to try it out themselves.

Just make sure to have the OS X 10.11.4 or any later version of the OS on your Mac in order to run the Safari Technology Preview.

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